Friday, May 16, 2008

Thing 23 Wrapping up

These exercises reinforced that which I already knew--that is--if you really want to learn something you have to do it again and again so you can master it. Blogging is a lot easier than I thought it would be and that is because I did it after almost each tool I learned. I cannot see myself being a blogger but it's nice to know that I could be one if I so desired. Web 2.0 is here. As a librarian I will need answer questions about how to use it. After these exercises I am better qualified to do so.

My favorite things are:
LibraryThing because I will use it to keep track of the books tha I have read.
BlogLines because I can find blogs to read regarding issues of concern to me. because I can listen to radio broadcasts that air I when I'm unavailable to listen.

My least favorite was when the websites had technical difficulties --Odeo and Flickr. This was especailly true for Flickr because it was an exercise that we had to do almost at the beginng. I can see where the problems with Flickr could have discouraged many staff members from continuing with the other exercises.

It seem that ansd Zoho could be useful for staff who are committee members.

haring Web 2.0 with my friends and family is something Ive just started to do. I started to use ListenNJ today and shared it with my husband. I intend to share LibraryThing with the members of both books club that I belong to when I see see them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Web Thing 22 Listen NJ

I've looked at the info for Listen NJ. I will add my reaction after I download the software at home.

With a little hunting and pecking I downloaded "OverDrive Media Console" and updated "Windows Media Player". I opened "OverDrive Media Console", checked out one book, downloaded and listened to a little of it. Checked out two more books just to make sure I had done it correctly and lo and behold they also appeared to be downloaded.

Looking forward to getting that MP3 player since I don't intend to listen to a book from my computer but I could see listening to it from the MP3 player.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thing 19 Web Awards

Having worked as a medical librarian for most of my career I was interested in the Health
category. The web service I looked at was and I will be adding it to my page so I can explore it at a later date.
A search engine for all things health-related, Medstory lets you search for your health query, presenting you with ways to refine your search by disorder, drugs, studies and more.
Usability 5 / 5
Usefulness 5 / 5
Social Aspects 0 / 5
Interface & Design 4 / 5
Content Quality 5 / 5

Thing 18 Web Apps

Thing 18 - Web Apps was created with Zoho as you can tell by how the tags are shown.

Google Docs and Zoho are very interesting software applications - they do look very much like Microsoft products. I am only working part-time so I am not currently working on any library projects. I do see how they would be useful to members of the same committee working on a project.

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